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The event rules are in place to to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience and to make sure we can make this an ongoing event. Please read the following event rules.

1. Prior to the event date, participants must have turned 18 years of age or be 15 years or over and accompanied by an adult.

2. Each participant as part of their attire must wear something which is pink. This can be anything from a pink dress or suit down to pink shoelaces or pink fingernails. A little bit of colour and variety will make for some great photographs on the day.

3. All participants must arrive with ample time to sign on for the event and attend a 7.15am briefing at Kissing Point Park (adjacent barbecue area). The Walk4Charity event commences with a 7.46am ferry transfer. Opal card required..

Note: Failing to attend the event brief may result in the participant’s registration being cancelled

4. Participants will be required to have a sufficient level of fitness to complete a walk that is not greater than grade 3 with a distance of approximately 12 kilometers..

5. The registration fee is non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled. Walk4Charity reserves the right to alter the route without notice and/or cancel the event in the event of severe weather or where otherwise deemed necessary. If the event is cancelled, you will receive a refund for your registration fee. You are also welcome to donate your registration fee to Cancer Research Australia if the event is cancelled.

6. Walk4Charity is a relatively non challenging event. But, adequate time is necessary for training for participants who don’t have a reasonable level of fitness. The route covers areas of bushland, open parkland and forest. The walk will travel along walking tracks with a variety of uneven surfaces and will include brief periods of stairways and the occasional street and footpath walking..

7. The provided identification event wrist bands must be worn at all times during the event. These can be collected at the event sign on desk on the morning of the walk.

8. All participants have a duty of care and responsibility to stay together whilst participating in the event. Please ensure that you keep up with the leader’s pace during the event. For reasons of safety, head counts will be taken at a number of check points along the route and for added safety a buddy system will be put in place prior to the walk

9. Any participant who is injured, ill or exhausted must notify the leader or one of the event’s volunteers immediately or follow the emergency procedures where provided. In the event of serious injury or illness, under no circumstances is the individual to be left unaccompanied. If a participant cannot be moved, one person must stay with that person while another seeks help from the leader or event volunteers

10. Participants wishing to withdraw during the event must first report to the leader or to the nearest event volunteer.

11. Each participant must be self-sufficient and carry sufficient food and water for the duration of the event.

12. Each participant will require sufficient money in case they cannot complete the route and require third party transportation to return to their car.

13. Do not litter.  All participants need to take ALL their rubbish with them.

14. Dogs are not permitted at the event.

15. Smoking is strictly forbidden on the walk.

16. Participants must keep noise levels to a minimum when walking in residential areas during the event.

17. Participants must be courteous to others at all times and give way to other track users.

18. Many places have spiritual or cultural significance for Aborigines. Participants must treat such places with consideration and respect. .

19. Phones must be carried at all times and used only to contact the leader if the situation requires. Please ensure that your phone is switched on whilst at the event. For the comfort of other walkers, please refrain from making or taking personal phone calls whilst on this trek.

20. Each Participant must carry the following compulsory gear:

• Small Backpack

• Basic First Aid Kit

• Personal Medication

• Water (2 litres)

• Food

• Maps

• Mobile phone

• Zip lock bag for rubbish

• Money and Opal Card

Participants must carry suffient money in the event of requiring third party transport back to their vehicle resulting from having to pull out of the event due to illness or injury.

Last Updated: 13th September 2017

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