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Stay Safe - Stay With The Group

The Five Basic Fundamental Rules For Safety.

LIST'N - It's all about Care, Courtesy, Commonsense and Communication


  1. Listen carefully to the group leader and follow all instructions.

  2. Inform the leader of your arrival and of your departure from all activities.

  3. Speak with the leader if you are aware someone has separated from the group.

  4. Travel close to the group at all times, never wander or lose site of the group.

  5. Never assume the role of leader or TEC without being delegated to these positions.


Survival (An abbreviation for having a good time)


  1. Please ensure that you take sufficient food, water and clothing on your events. By doing this it will assist you in having a safe and enjoyable time. (See Outdoor Essentials for further information).

  2. Mental and Physical Preparedness - To enjoy the outdoors is to have a mental and physical preparedness. Arrive for your event in the knowledge that there will be new challenges. Outdoor activities provide a magnificent escape from the stresses of everyday life, and can have great character-building benefits.

  3. Be part of the team - You've heard the expression…Together we achieve the extraordinary.


Other Safety Considerations (Stay with the group at all times)

If however, you were to become separated or misplaced from the group you should;

  1. Hold your position where you last had contact with the group.

  2. Make frequent verbal calls at regular intervals. (the leader’s name repeated every 2 minutes is appropriate).

  3. If safe to do so, wait at your position until contact is made with you.

    For your safety, the leader regularly takes a head count and will also implement a buddy system for larger group sizes.


Fitness and Event Suitability

Travelling in a group may require some compromise to accommodate the different desires and abilities of the group. You will need to conduct yourself in a manner conducive to good group dynamics, and not in a manner that threatens or disrupts the safety and enjoyment of others on the trip. Please speak with the leader if you require more specific details on fitness requirements. ie. The event difficulty, grading and distance of the event etc. As an overview, however, all participants must be in good health, and engage in some form of regular exercise. Most importantly, you must have a love of the outdoors and its environs. The fitter you are, the more you can enjoy the day's activity, as you are not constantly pushing yourself. The aim is to be at the required fitness level before the trip, and return home even fitter. You owe this to yourself, and to your fellow team members.

Don't forget the four Cs for 'Safe T' - Care, Courtesy, Communication & Commonsense Together.

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