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MyORG Shopping Bag (NEW)

Enjoy many years of use with this eco-friendly shopping tote bag made from super quality 320gsm canvas.

With the growing concern over the environment that plastic bags cause, cotton bags are your ideal choice because they are made of natural organic fibre and decompose without emitting any toxic gases.

The bag is easy to carry, and being made from sturdy canvas, the tote bag is strong enough to carry the heaviest of shopping loads. This tote bag can be used for carrying anything and everything. The tote bag is guaranteed to give you years of service.

The canvas tote bag comes with our club logo printed on both sides. Sale Price: $20.00

MyORG Sports Caps (NEW)

This sports cap is made from 100% brushed cotton material and is sure to keep you cool this summer. One size fits all, comes with adjustable strap.

The sports cap comes with our club logo printed on the front. Sale Price: $15.00

MyORG Stubby Holder (NEW)

At the end of the day, when you just want to relax with a liquid ale, why not try one of these neat looking stubby holders. Made from neoprene wetsuit material, they're sure to keep your beer cold.

Our neoprene stubby holders come printed with our club logo. Sale Price: $5.00

MyORG Bumper Sticker (NEW)

We have two varieties of stickers.  1. The basic MyORG sticker which comes with our bushwalkers logo and,  2. The new MyORG sticker which comes with our paddle logo.

Both stickers are peel and stick and come with a white background. Each sticker is designed for indoor or outdoor use. The stickers are oval in shape and measure 127mm x 76mm. Sale Price: $1.00

MyORG T-Shirt ( NEW)

Why not get cool this summer with our new cotton t-shirts. Cotton is a breathable fabric, which allows your body to stay dry, while your skin is still able to ´breathe´. This ensures staying cool, even on warmer days in summer. Or, any other situation where you might sweat. Because cotton is able to absorb moisture, your body will stay dry throughout the day and this will help you to feel comfortable and cool too. Last but not least, the cotton fibers keep the fabric away from your skin. This creates a thin layer of air that not only helps you stay cool in summer, but also helps to keep you warm during colder days. These properties also make the shirt to stay ´fresh´ all day.

T-shirts are available with a one sided print or come with a complimentary motif printed on the back of the shirt. Click here to see available motifs. Sale Price: $25.00 (basic) - $28.00 (womens).

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