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Clean Up Australia

MyOrg's clean up Austraila Day is 365 days of the year, but who's counting. Next time you see a piece of litter in the natural environment - pick it up! You will be well rewarded, not to mention you will be passing the gift of a clean environment onto the next person that passes your way.

Latest Act of National Park Vandalism

It's getting rather crazy out there. Do these kids or young adults have parents or are they from dysfunctional families? We have seen it all too often up and down our rail corridors, and now, it appears that the national parks are their next frontier.

These two pieces of graffiti have been sprayed onto beautiful rocky outcrops in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park beside the track leading down to Apple Tree Bay from Mount Kuring-gai.

It's worth noting that the second piece of graffiti 'FATEL' has been graffitied for the past several years around the Hornsby district. It would probably indicate that the person would be a young adult, unless of course they started their graffiti rampage when in early to mid primary school.

If the authorities were to get a little bit more pro-active, it would not be too difficult in tracking down the culprits, prosecuting them, then having them made to clean their mess.


It's Turning Into A Circus

Once beautiful places to visit, both Munmorah State Conservation Area and Wallerah National Park are now becoming a national disgrace through acts of environmental vandalism.

Does anyone out there care? We have the National Park Authority and Police who take little notice when the general public report environmental crimes in national parks. We write reports which we have supported by photographic evidence, and we personally don't mind taking the day off work to go to court so that these vandals can be dealt with.

So, what's the problem, none really, other than those who should be upholding the law don't really want to do there jobs that they are being paid to do.

Image 4.350x262.jpg
Image 3.350x262.jpg
Image 5.350x262.jpg

For your safety.

It is recommended the next time you visit either of these parks that you;

1. Wear safety glasses to avoid eye damage from the mud being thrown up from these vehicles when they illegally travel past.

2. When walking down the steep inclines we recommend your wear gum boots fitted with crampons.

3. Roping your party together will add extra safety in case one of your party members takes a serious fall in the wet, muddy slippery conditions.

4. When you get home, be sure to soak your muddy clothes to avoid permanent mud stains.

Note: These drivers are also very confrontational and aggressive, avoid at all cost. But, don't forget to have an enjoyable day if at all possible.