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About Us


My Outdoor Recreational Group is a not for profit community based outdoor recreational group that was established by a group of friends that have a close connection with the outdoors through the preservation of flora and fauna, and who have a vision to share their education and experiences with others.
The club now boasts a solid membership base of like-minded people who participate in the club’s activities.
Its leaders are all volunteers who have given their time most generously throughout the years. Our longest serving volunteer, with over 37 years of outdoor educational and recreational leadership experience continues to assist the club with the co-ordination of events ensuring that all safety and risk management policies are adhered to. Our leaders, through their tireless work have helped guide the club’s members to hundreds of amazing locations throughout Sydney, Blue Mountains and Interstate.
My Outdoor Recreational Group, has an absolute unblemished safety record which has been achieved through its risk policies and the safe co-ordination and management of its events.
The club’s successful bushwalking/kayaking/outdoor safety elements which have been devised and written by the team have been so successful that other groups have adopted a number of them for their own personal use.
The team is always passionate about ensuring that the club has an enjoyable and fun time while participating by giving its members the correct balance between adventure and safety.
Their passion too, is to introduce its members to some of our areas’ hidden treasures, to seek out some of their wilder places and to encourage members to accept new and exciting challenges.
Not only is our club a recreational group, it is a charitable organisation raising thousands of dollars for cancer research, and unlike other institutions, My Outdoor Recreational Group is able to present to the charity 100% of its fundraising dollars due to the volunteering roles of its members and the goodwill of its fundraising partners.

Furthermore, our club promotes sustainable practices and environmental awareness through a healthy relationship with nature and fosters sound ecological principles. The club also supports the retention of forests for fauna habitat and to limit climate change while preserving the biodiversity and natural heritage through proven conservation practices.
It is through these intrinsic values and practices that we leave an important legacy for future generations.

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