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Brow Job Shave Off


Greg has put his brows up for shaving in the name of raising much needed funds for cancer research.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia. In 2020, it is estimated there will be just under 150,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed and just under 50,000 deaths from cancer.

One in two Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

Thank you to the following members for supporting Greg's personal goal to raise $500.00+ for cancer research in Australia. This goal was easy to achieve attracting more than the 25 members that were needed to reach the target. There were a number of individual donations that exceeded $20.00 with a $150.00 donation from an anonymous donor from outside of our club. Thank you to all who supported this very worthwhile cause.

Here is our list of 'Brow Job Shave Off' donors:

1.   Carmel Healey *

2.   Anne-Marie Seve

3.   Glenn Walton

4.   Karen Jameyson

5.   Cassandra Vockler *

6.   Gregg Cambourn

7.   Lynne Richards

8.   Warren Fletcher

9.   Robyn Earle *

10. Susan Bell

11. Yeen Ng

12. Helen Toohey

13. Jono Gunawan

14. Kylie Hanks

15. Brenda Harris

16. Leanne Hill

17. Anonymous (Celtic Queen) *

18. Jacqueline Richardson *

19. Glenn Rigden *

20. Stephen Czeref

21. Annette Dickerson

22. Terry Fake

23. Joyce Kouw

24. Tim Allen

25. Louisa Allen

26. Thu Huynh

27. Scott & Za Stacey

28. Anne Minogue *

29. Kerry Pacey

30. Karayna Johnson

31. Tony Boyd *

32. Greg Williams *

Greg's eyebrow removal has earned Cancer Research Australia $1170.01

* Denotes donations of $50.00 or greater.

You will be pleased to know that inclusive of Greg's Brow Job, the total for our mid-year fundraiser for cancer recearch reached a total goal of $2835.01.

Once again, thank you for your support towards this very worthy cause in helping to find a cure for cancer.

Don't forget, one day your life or the life of a love one may depend on your donation to cancer research.

Further donations for our fundraising campaign can be made to: BSB: 633 000 ACC: 118 034 495

Please write ACRF in the description field of your EFT transaction.



Australian Cancer Research Foundation

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