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Each Participant must carry the following compulsory gear:

    • Small Backpack

    • Basic First Aid Kit (a group first aid kit is carried by the leader)

    • Personal Medication

    • Water (2 litres)

    • Food (sufficient food for a 5.5 hour journey)

    • Maps (these will be supplied electronically prior to the event)

    • Mobile phone (switched on)

    • Zip lock bag for rubbish

    • Money and Opal Card

Participants must carry sufficient money in the event of requiring third party transport back to their vehicle resulting from having to pull out of the event due to illness or injury.

Recommended Gear (Dependent on weather)

    • Quick-dry shorts or trousers to stop chafing

    • Base layer clothing/underwear to pull perspiration away from the body

    • Comfortable socks

    • Good pair of joggers or hiking shoe

    • Lightweight rain jacket

    • Warm fleece

    • Sun hat/cap

    • Sunglasses

    • Sunblock (SPF 30+)

    • Bladder or water containers with 2 litre capacity minimum

    • Healthy snacks – dried fruit, trail mix, apples

    • Dry bag or plastic bags

    • Thermal clothing

    • Happy disposition with a great sense of humour


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