Trial My Sunrise 

Join us and help raise much needed funds for cancer research....

We welcome you to trial a Sunrise Bushwalk with us. During November/December our group is running a fundraiser for cancer research. For every new participant our club will double the $10.00 participation subscription in aid of cancer research.

Our early morning bushwalks which start at 7.30am are sure to get your endorphins excited and get you kinetically energised for the rest of the day. It's nature's drug that helps with health and well-being. It can also decrease the risk of heart disease and some cancers among other things.

Simply register below, trial the walk, meet and greet our members then if you choose, join our members for morning tea afterwards.

If you enjoy the event you may choose to continue on, and if not, you may choose to move away.

The choice is entirely yours.... You are under no obligation!

Why It’s Never Too Late to Get Moving.... And, It Is Fun Too!

Research has found that walking speed is linked with heart health. In particular, middle-aged adults who walk at a slow pace were twice as likely to die from heart disease compared with their fast-walking peers. The research is clear, exercise can improve your heart health, even if you haven’t laced up your sneakers in years. If you have been thinking about starting a walk exercise program, there is no better time to begin than today.

Get Your Heart Health Back On Track Today and Lower Your Risk of Developing Cancer.....

Check Out Our Next Trial My Sunrise Day:

1. Saturday 30th January Sunrise: The Heights to Tunks Ridge
We have a couple of real heat pumping hills on this one. Prepare to put your endorphins into second gear. Come along and join us for this energising Sunrise walk to Baileys Bridge then onto Tunks Ridge which once had the first on-track dunny. The dunny was put in for environmental reasons then several years later it was taken away for environmental reasons. Makes a lot of sense, hey! The walk follows mainly open trails with one section venturing along a track down through a casuarina forest to a small waterfall. Distance is approximately 8.5km. Expected finish time is 9.55am.

2. Saturday 6th February   WildTrek: Galston Gorge to Mount Colah   Members Only
Join us on this easy WildTrek that will take us all the way from Galston Gorge to Mount Colah. And yes, some say that Mount Colah is the highest mountain (if you pardon the pun) in all of Sydney. Believe it or not! This WildTrek takes us from easy open trails through to hardened tracks, and along with some-off track foot pads make up this incredible local journey. There is much to see from the small isolated creeks to casuarina and rainforest like environs not to mention the birdlife you will see along the way. Plus, near the end of our journey you will get a thorough workout as you scale what’s known as ‘The Mountain’. Distance is approximately 13km. Expected finish time is 12.15pm.

3. Saturday 6th February   Sunrise: Stairway to Blue Gum
This walk descends the valley via steps which were built in the depression years of the 1930s. There are around 300 steps which make this the most strenuous part of the walk. Near to the top of the steps, you will find rock graffiti which was probably etched into the rock around the same time. This is a circuit style walk which takes you through Hornsby’s volcanic basin. The area is rich with flora and contains remnants of a Blue Gum forest. The walk is a real fat blaster when ascending the steps to the finish. Distance is approximately 7.5km. Expected event finish time 9.40am.

4. Saturday 13th February   Sunrise: Richard Webb to Ted Horwood’s Place MT 
This Sunrise scampers through the heart of the Darling Mills State Forest across ridges and through lush wet gullies. If it’s rained in the past week you can expect to be walking for a lot of the journey beside cascading brooks. Darling Mills is known for the often rare and near extinct Blue Gum High forest and is renowned for its great diversity of birds of which 127 have been recorded. Distance is approximately 6.7km. Expected finish time is 10.00am.

5. Saturday 20th February DayTrek: Hawk Head to Half Tide Rocks  Members Only
The Hawk Head Peninsula within Bouddi National Park contains stunted, salt-resistant coastal heath on rugged cliff tops, whilst in the more protected areas, twisted, red trunk angophoras grow. From the top of Hawk Head, there are glorious views of Lion Island, Broken Bay, Barrenjoey Lighthouse, West Head, the Hawkesbury River, Pearl Beach, Umina and Ocean Beach. This walk takes you across the southern sections of this wonderful, almost rugged park and visits a number of beaches where you can take time out for a swim if the weather is warm. Trekking south from Maitland Bay the walk skirts through temperate rainforest, open vegetation and around rocky headlands and beaches. This walk has a 110meter ascent on mainly easy to medium grades. There is however, a small portion of the walk with technical challenges across rocky outcrops with grades stretching from medium to hard. Distance is approximately 11 kilometers.

6. Saturday 20th February   Sunrise: Fiddens Wharf
A delightful walk that follows the Lane Cove River through to Fiddens Wharf. Early in the history the wharf was a busy hub where timber getters transported timber down river to Sydney. During this time the area around the Lane Cove River became an important source of timber. Although there were other wharves, Fiddens wharf was built by an ex-convict, Joseph Fidden, in the area now known as Fiddens Wharf Reserve. Distance is approximately 7.4km. Expected finish time is 9.35 am.

7. Saturday 27th February   Sunrise: Byles Creek to Great North Road
This beautiful Sunrise walk starts out from Byles Creek which was once destined for subdivision but thankfully stopped by public outcry. The walk follows the Lane Cove Valley and its creek system which skirts Byles and Devlins Creeks eventually arriving at a place where the Great North Road once went through. On our return we do a section of the Pennant Hills Park Circuit. Distance is approximately 8.5km. Expected finish time is 9.55am.

8.Saturday 6th March   SunrisePlus: Journey to Five Mile Creek
This would have to be one of the least known areas of Garigal National Park. The walk meanders from the plateau area of Forest Way then makes its way down through the catchment area of the upper reaches of Deep Creek. Expect some great views across the park and out to the ocean plus a good workout on the return part of the walk. Distance is approximately 9.5km. Expected finish time is 10.45am

9. Saturday 13th March   Sunrise: The Gordon Moore Circuit
From the backstreets of suburbia, this sunrise captures the watery environments of three creeks which are local to East Lindfield. On this journey, you can expect some great scenery as you trek through each of the bushland filled corridors. Distance is approximately 7.2km. Expected finish time is 9.35am.

10. Saturday 20th March   ½DayTrek: Girrakool: Place of Still Waters  Members Only
The Girrakool valley provides a good overview of the vegetation communities of the Brisbane Water National Park. Commencing in the dry plateau country at the Girrakool Picnic Area, it follows a creek downstream to a section of the Great North Walk. There are numerous lookouts, aboriginal art and a large waterfall along the way. The track often undulates passing rock overhangs and caves. Wild flowers are excellent in springtime, and once below the cliff-line the track passes through gully rainforest where Coachwood and Water Gum dominate. Descending through this rainforest canopy we cross a creek via a suspension bridge where we will continue our walk on the other side of the valley. From this point the valley opens up to magnificent Deanes Gum and Turpentine then later Mangroves grow abundant on the saline mudflats as we near Mooney Mooney Creek which is a tributary of the Hawkesbury River. After returning from the river we ascend on stone steps through a lush gum forest that offers a variety of rock ferns and watery cliffs while rising above the valley. Another highlight of the walk is a visit the very beautiful Andamira Falls which is much loved place for photography. Grades are moderate and sometimes slightly challenging when ascending the hillside. Distance is approximately 10 kilometers with a 130meter ascent.

11. Saturday 20th March   Sunrise Mount Kuring gai to Mount Colah
Sounds like a mountain expedition, but it’s not! This Sunrise takes you down the not orious Pipeline track to the scenic Apple Tree Bay then ascends the opposing rid geline for some extensive vi ews of the waterway . F rom there the walk takes on th e B irrawanna /Kalkari tracks to Mount Colah. Distance is approximately 10km. Expected event finish time is 10.30am.

Note: All events are graded hard unless otherwise indicated. The walks can often be challenging requiring a good level of mobility skills, balance and co-ordination. Furthermore, our club charges a $10.00 walk subscription/donation that is payable on the day of the event. 100% of all subscriptions received from the TrialMySunrise goes to Australian Cancer Research Foundation in aid of cancer research. 

Doubling our Donation for Cancer Research:

By joining any of our TrialMySunrise events during November/December our club will match your $10.00 subscription/donation making it a $20.00 donation to Australia Cancer Research Foundation. How good is that.... "You get to be fit and healthy while saving lives, it's a win, win situation for all"

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