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We welcome you to trial a Sunrise Bushwalk with us.

Our early morning bushwalks which start at 7.30am are sure to get your endorphins excited and get you kinetically energised for the rest of the day. It's nature's drug that helps with health and well-being.


Simply register below, trial the walk, meet and greet our members then if you choose, join our members for morning tea afterwards.

If you enjoy the event you may choose to continue on, and if not, you may choose to move away.

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Why It’s Never Too Late to Get Moving.... And, It Is Fun Too!

Research has found that walking speed is linked with heart health. In particular, middle-aged adults who walk at a slow pace were twice as likely to die from heart disease compared with their fast-walking peers. The research is clear, exercise can improve your heart health, even if you haven’t laced up your sneakers in years. If you have been thinking about starting a walk exercise program, there is no better time to begin than today.

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Event 1.  Saturday 02 November   Sunrise: Fall from Mars
This event captures areas around Avon Creek which feeds into the Lane Cove Valley. See tall eucalypt forest as you descend though the valley before ascending onto southern ridges where we will find the Fall from Mars. This walk includes a creek traverse via stepping stones. 


Event 2.  Saturday 09 November   Sunrise: Refuge Rock (Part 2)
We’ve all been to Refuge Rock, but Part 2. takes us along off-track foot pads for a while to add some adventure into the walk. We’ll call it a little bit of a WAC style walk. This Sunrise walk has three creek crossings to negotiate with one having a log to help us keep our feet dry. Refuge Rock still remains the highlight of this walk with its natural sandstone arch and rock corridors.

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Event 3. Saturday 16 November   Sunrise: Special Event  Members Only

Event 4.  Saturday 23 November   SunrisePlus: Bantry Bay: The Natural Stone Arch 🕗
Welcome to Bantry Bay, the jewel of the crown of Middle Harbour! Only in Bantry Bay can the spectacular scenery encountered by those aboard the First Fleet be found in anything like its original form. The bay has had a long history over the years. The first European incursion into Bantry Bay was via a bullock track in which timber was hauled down to a wharf on the eastern side of the bay, from there the timber was shipped to other parts of the harbour for building materials. Bantry Bay then had the good fortune to be set aside for public recreation in 1879, when it was dedicated as Public Reserve. By the late 1890s picnic grounds were established by John Nelson at Bantry Bay and nearby Flat Rock, where dance halls and pavilions catered for those seeking refreshment or entertainment, serviced on Sundays and public holidays by ferries from the city. And, in 1907 the government surveyed the area for the construction of an explosives magazine complex, resuming 240ha of the land. But by the 1960s the complex had been made obsolete by technological changes in explosives and how they need to be stored. In later years the land around the bay was dedicated as Davidson Park and eventually incorporated into Garigal National Park in 1992. Highlights of this walk include the drum cave and the natural stone arch.

Event 5.  Saturday 30 November   Sunrise: Cockle Creek - Spring Gully ☕ MT  Members Only
The adventure seekers will love this one! This Sunrise will certainly get you amongst it and onto trails rarely undertaken by other bushwalkers. The walk follows the many ancient foot pads that crisscross the park between Wahroonga, Asquith and Mount Colah. Join us as we journey the ever-changing woodlands within this diverse area of heathlands and tall open Eucalypt forests in the gullies. The journey will also test your skill as we make a number of creek crossings (all dry unless you decide to fall in) and will take us through over 150 meters of tunnels which allow access to the parklands on either side of the Pacific Motorway. Prerequisite: Headtorch or phone torch for safely navigating the tunnels. We have been assured there are no big bad wolves lurking in the dark.

Note: All events are graded hard unless otherwise indicated. The walks can often be challenging requiring a good level of mobility skills, balance and co-ordination. Furthermore, our club charges a $10.00 walk subscription that is payable on the day of the event. 100% of all subscriptions received from the TrialMySunrise goes to Australian Cancer Research Foundation in aid of cancer research. 

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