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Trial My Sunrise 

Join us and help raise much needed funds for cancer research....

We welcome you to trial a Sunrise Bushwalk with us. During November / December/ January our group is running a fundraiser for cancer research. For every new participant, our club will double the $10.00 participation subscription in aid of cancer research.

Our early morning bushwalks which start at 7.30am are sure to get your endorphins excited and get you kinetically energised for the rest of the day. It's nature's drug that helps with health and well-being. It can also decrease the risk of heart disease and some cancers among other things.

There too, is new research that shows our style of Sunrise events can keep you younger by lengthening the longevity of life cycle. One day you may still be around and have the stamina to play with your Great Grandkids.

If you would like to feel yourger, get healthier and have fun, then simply register below, trial a Sunrise, meet and greet our members then if you choose, join our members for morning tea afterwards.

If you enjoy the event you may choose to continue on, join up as a full member and if not, you may choose to move away.

The choice is entirely yours.... You are under no obligation! The bottom line though, is that your participation has given cancer research a $20.00 boost towards finding a cure, In advance, thank you for your participation and the help towards our fundraing campaign.

Why It’s Never Too Late to Get Moving.... And, It Is Fun Too!

Research has found that walking speed is linked with heart health and life's longevity. In particular, middle-aged adults who walk at a slow pace were twice as likely to die from heart disease compared with their fast-walking peers. The research is clear, exercise can improve your heart health, even if you haven’t laced up your sneakers in years. If you have been thinking about starting a walk exercise program, there is no better time to begin than today.

Get Your Heart Health Back On Track Today and Lower Your Risk of Developing Cancer.....


Check Out Our Next Trial My Sunrise Day:

01.  Saturday 06 April   Sunrise: Florence Cotton Reserve

From the Hornsby plateau, we descend to the base of Berowra Valley to see the Blue Gum High Forest that is an Endangered Ecological Community that is listed critically endangered. Then later, we climb back out of the valley while passing through the very heart of Lisgar Gardens. Meet at Hornsby for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 6.5km. Expected event finish time is 9.40am. 9465-3.0G


02.  Saturday 13 April   Sunrise: Devlins Creek via The Steps

This energising Sunrise walk takes you through a section of Lane Cove Valley from South Turramurra to Epping via the Lane Cove Creek and Devlins Creek where the historic Great North Road passed through Epping. On the return journey, the walk captures the Step Track which was named after the STEP Inc, a community-based environmental protection group. The area offers excellent bird watching opportunities for bushland species such as Grey Fantails, Yellow Robins and Red-browed Finches. Meet at  South Turramurra for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 9.5km. Expected finish time is 10.10am. 3495-3.5R


03.  Saturday 20 April   SunrisePlus: Twin Creek: Upper Lane Cove Valley ☕ MT

This Sunrise is a part circuitous walk that takes in areas or Twin Creeks Reserve before entering the upper valley of Lane Cove National Park. The park is renowned for its high forests and lush vegetation that thrives in and around the creeks in the deeper sections of the valley. The Sunrise is not without its two steep hills that will give you some heart pumping exercise, but you can be assured that when you reach the top of one of these hills you will be rewarded with views that extend as far as Sydney’s Centre Point Tower. Meet at Warrawee for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 12.0km. Expected event finish time is 10.35am. G


04.  Saturday 27 April   Kayaking: Empire Bay to Kincumber

Flat-water kayaking - A great experience and fun day on the water.

This paddle commences from Empire Bay, a quaint little waterside village on the Central Coast. Empire Bay Marina which was the third building to the constructed in Empire Bay was of historical significance but recently, due to neglect by the new owners has had to be demolished. The Government’s intention is to restore the site to usable public space. Dependent on conditions on the water, the paddle will cover approximately 12kilometers.

Event Inclusions: Kayaks, paddles, dry storage and buoyancy vests (PFDs) plus complimentary morning tea and †afternoon tea with chocolate treats is made available on the day. (BYO craft welcomed) - Inclusions: morning & †afternoon tea.

05.  Saturday 27 April   Sunrise: Lyrebird Valley

Join us for an energising Saturday Sunrise Fun & Fitness walk through the beautiful Lyrebird Valley to the Calna Creek Bridge. From the high areas of arid bushland, you will soon reach fascinating stone caves, rainforests and babbling brooks. This Sunrise through the Berowra Valley is regarded as one of the best walks on offer in this area. Meet at Mount Kuring-gai for a 7.30am departure Distance is approximately 8.8km. Expected event finish time is 10.15am. 3.2-2388R

06.  Saturday 04 May   Sunrise: Warrimoo to The Wildflower Gardens

Made up of parts of two Sunrise walks, this journey takes you along a now defunct track then onto an open trail before descending very steeply to a large waterfall that awaits us at the bottom of the valley. Over the years members have enjoyed capturing some lovely photographs around the waters at the top of these falls.From here, our Sunrise ventures onto Whipbird Gully then continues on for some more photo action at fern Tree Gully Falls. The Sunrise now takes in several more track of Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens before making the short climb out to the finish. Meet a, St Ives Chase. Expected finish time 10.15am. GMQ                       

07.  Saturday 11 May   DayTrek: Cape Solander to Boat Harbour   Members Only

Cape Solander, named after botanist Daniel Solander, Cape Solander features a lookout with a special viewing platform This scenic coastal walk follows for most of its way the vertical escarpments with their beautiful natural rock architecture that has been moulded from thousands of years of erosion from sea, wind and water. Expect amazing coastal views of the entrance to Botany Bay, Cronulla, Jibbon Beach and Bate Bay. On route, we will take a short side track to visit the Cape Baily Lighthouse, then mid-way we land at Boat Harbour, a tiny little picturesque fishing village perched right on the beach. For years now, developers have wanted to build two hotels and up to 2000 condominiums with ocean frontage as part of a new $2billion resort plan for the Boat Harbour area on the Kurnell peninsula. Will it succeed? We would hope not. Distance 12kilometers with moderate grades with one technical area. Meet at  Kurnell at 8.00am.  


08.  Saturday 11 May   SunrisePlus: The Kalkari and The Birrawanna Circuit

This very popular sunrise walk takes you from the Hornsby Plateau at Mount Colah along a ridge then descends to Bobbin Head returning via the Birrawanna Circuit and Kalkari track. On the lower hillsides the forest is rich with beautiful views that extend down to the bay. Meet at Mount Colah for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 12.2km. Expected event finish time is 11.00am. 4912-3.5R


09.  Saturday 18 May   Sunrise: Beyond Yangoora: Path of The Cammeraygal ☕ MT

Hidden away from suburbia is an almost dreamlike island of tranquility and beauty just waiting to be explored. This area was once the home to the Cammeraygal people, a clan of the Eora tribe of Indigenous Australians. They were united by a common language, strong ties of kinship and survived as skilled hunter–fisher–gatherers in family groups or clans. Our bushwalk will journey through sections of this valley region of Sydney where bushcare rejuvinaters have worked painstakingly to bring this area of bushland back to life and continue to work to keep it in good shape. A portion of this valley corridor is home to critically endangered Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest and is quite a significant pocket of bushland. Here, you will also find wet sclerophyll forests consisting largely of Lillypilly, Blueberry Ash, Water Gum, Black Wattle and Coachwood. These trees have dark, glossy leaves designed to absorb as much sunlight as possible in the dense canopy. Because of the lack of light at ground level, the understorey is more open, and often tree ferns are common. In the higher areas and on the slopes where there is less moisture, the soil supports trees such as Blackbutt, Sydney Peppermint, Red Bloodwood, Sydney Red Gum, Turpentine and Black She-oak. This is the dry sclerophyll forest with hard, sparse, often small leaves, designed to resist drought periods. As the track winds its way west, the bushland opens up with good views of a lake, formed by an old dam which was built by Cumberland Paper Board Mills which opened in 1913. It is now used extensively by water birds such as Coots, Dusky Moorhens and Ducks. The birdlife is also most noticeable with Kookaburras, Magpies, Lorikeets and Currawongs being the common. Although small birds are less common in this area, many Honeyeaters can be observed along with Noisy Miners and Red Wattle Birds. Meet at  Lane Cove West for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 9.5km. Expected event finish time is 10.15am. 9895-3.5MQ

10. Saturday 25 May   Kayaking: Dusthole Bay to Crosslands  

Flat-water kayaking - A great experience and fun day on the water.

A delightful paddle that will take us upstream of Berowra Waters Ferry to Crosslands and into a number of side creeks which include Sam’s and Calna Creeks. The area known as Crosslands is steeped in history from as far back as the mid 1800s. The first European settlers in the area were Burton Crossland and Matthew Charlton, one on each side of Berowra Creek. In 1856 Charlton engaged Crossland as caretaker of his property on the eastern bank of Berowra Creek. Burton built his home on it and earned a living cutting timber, growing fruit, fishing and boat-building. Prior to the settlers, aboriginal people had made their home here in the caves. They found an abundance of food from the local vegetation, the plentiful fish, shell fish and small animals of the area. Dependent on conditions on the water, the paddle will cover approximately 12kilometers.

Event Inclusions: Kayaks, paddles, dry storage and buoyancy vests (PFDs) plus complimentary morning tea and †afternoon tea with chocolate treats is made available on the day. (BYO craft welcomed) - Inclusions: morning & †afternoon tea.


11. Saturday 25 May   Sunrise: The Heights to Galston Gorge

This Sunrise takes you from Heights into Berowra Valley then picks up the Great North Walk for a journey south through an ever-changing environment of forests and grass trees. There are also, beautiful hand cut steps that assist you to negotiate a couple of rocky areas on the walk. And, if it has rained recently you will come across a lovely waterfall beside the path. The road to Galston Gorge was built in the early 90s and had two McDonald Truss Bridges of which one was washed away in a flood in 1937 and replaced with a concrete one. The remaining truss bridge over Tunks Creek is heritage listed and is one of only five remaining in the state. Meet at Hornsby Heights for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 7.5km Expected event finish time is 9.40am. 11875-3.5R

Note: Our club charges a $10.00 event subscription/donation that is payable on the day of the event.

100% of all subscriptions received from the TrialMySunrise goes to our cancer research fundraising campaign. Our club's beneficiary is the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.


Doubling our Donation for Cancer Research:

By joining any of our TrialMySunrise events as a guest, our club will match your $10.00 subscription/donation making it a $20.00 donation to Australia Cancer Research Foundation. How good is that.... "You get to be fit and healthy while saving lives, it's a win, win situation for all"

Trial My Sunrise Form

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Furthermore, we would ask you to familiarise yourself with our COVIDSafe Plan prior to attending your event.

NOTE: All events are graded hard unless otherwise indicated. The walks can often be challenging requiring a good level of mobility skills, balance and co-ordination and due to the nature of our walks and for reasons of safety are not suitable for persons with physical disability or impairment.

Note: Once the form has been submitted you will recieve an acknowledgement that the form has been sent successfully.

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