Trial My Sunrise 

Join us and help raise much needed funds for cancer research....

We welcome you to trial a Sunrise Bushwalk with us. During September/October our group is running a fundraiser for cancer research. For every new participant our club will double the $10.00 participation subscription in aid of cancer research.

Our early morning bushwalks which start at 7.30am are sure to get your endorphins excited and get you kinetically energised for the rest of the day. It's nature's drug that helps with health and well-being. It can also decrease the risk of heart disease and some cancers among other things.

Simply register below, trial the walk, meet and greet our members then if you choose, join our members for morning tea afterwards.

If you enjoy the event you may choose to continue on, and if not, you may choose to move away.

The choice is entirely yours.... You are under no obligation!

Why It’s Never Too Late to Get Moving.... And, It Is Fun Too!

Research has found that walking speed is linked with heart health. In particular, middle-aged adults who walk at a slow pace were twice as likely to die from heart disease compared with their fast-walking peers. The research is clear, exercise can improve your heart health, even if you haven’t laced up your sneakers in years. If you have been thinking about starting a walk exercise program, there is no better time to begin than today.

Get Your Heart Health Back On Track Today and Lower Your Risk of Developing Cancer.....


Check Out Our Next Trial My Sunrise Day:

01.  Saturday 24th September   Sunrise: Berkley to Crosslands

From Berkley Close we make our way around the service trail to Naa Badu, the name derives from Darug Aboriginal language meaning ‘See Water’. Once you have taken in the views it is down heartbreak hill where we will eventually skirt Sams Creek and Berowra Creek to Crosslands. Once here we take a short break then make our return to Berkley Close. Meet at Berowra for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 9.5km. Expected event finish time is 10.10am.

02A. Saturday 24th September   Kayaking: Bays of Cowan Waters

Flat water kayaking - Experience a fun day and sunrise on the water with this easy paddle that's suitable for the beginner or experinced paddler.

Journey through the Cowan Waters Valley as you weave in and out of several coves along the way. In the early days some of these bays were home to tea houses and boatsheds. If you look carefully you see the remnants of stone walls and slip rails where they serviced boats on the waterway. The largest bay that we visit is Waratah Bay which was home to the Windybanks family. They had a thriving business that had a tea house, accommodation a number of motor boats and houseboats that they hired out. Dependent on our route, the paddle will cover approximately 11kilometers.

Event Inclusions: Kayaks, paddles, dry storage and buoyancy vests (PFDs) plus complimentary morning tea with chocolate treats is made available on the day.

03. Saturday 1st October   Sunrise: Sunrise: Journey to The 165 Trig ☕   Members Only

This walk takes you from St Ives to Belrose and back again on a circuitous style journey. The walk descends each side of the Middle Harbour Creek Valley through both heathland and open forest, while in the lower areas of the walk wet sclerophyll forest exist. This Sunrise covers mainly open tracks with the occasional foot pad and includes a short WAC style off-track section and a creek crossing to complete the journey. Meet at St Ives for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 5.5km. Expected event finish time is 9.45am.

04.  Saturday 08 October   Sunrise: Bays of Cowan Waters 🕖

Due to track closures this event will be amended.

This Sunrise starts with a short rail transfer to Mount Kuring-gai before commencing our walk down to a pristine waterway. Once there, we skirt along the side of Cowan Waters visiting four bays before ascending from the Waters via the historical walking track that once gave people access to the Windybanks Boatshed. Distance is approximately 9.5km. Expected event finish time is 10.30am.

05.  Saturday 15 October   Sunrise: Apple Tree Flat Lookout Plus ‘Cock of The Mountain’  Members Only

This is the extended version of the Apple Tree Bay Pipeline Circuit. The old pipeline with its reservoir once supplied water to the small boatsheds around Apple Tree Bay. You will definitely find those endorphins on this walk as you tackle the Pipeline track to ascend from the valley. The walk also visits three great lookouts that take in Cowan Waters and Apple Tree Flat. The last lookout, high up on the ridgetop, will give you views from where you have just walked. This Sunrise is a real endorphin builder!

The event will also include ‘The Cock of The Mountain’ a gruelling test of fitness for those who are over 70years of age. This year only one member registered for this event so there is going to be little in the way of competition in seeing them reach the summit, although they will still be competing for best ‘Çock of The Mountain’ time for the course. This event will also include a complimentary morning tea at the mountain summit. Note: Registrations have already opened for next year’s event. To register, please click here.  Meet at Mount Kuring-gai for a 7.30am departure. Some very easy rock scrambling involved. Distance is approximately 6.5km. Expected finish time is 9.40am.

06.  Saturday 22 October   SunrisePlus: GNW: Thornleigh to Hornsby

Enjoy this fabulous Great North Walk which will take us from station to station. The event commences from Hornsby with a rail transfer to Thornleigh then it’s a short road walk before entering the bushlands of Berowra Valley. The walk meanders west alongside Zig Zag Creek then heads north from the Jungo Rest through the Berowra Valley. Forests within the valley include Angophora, Casuarina, Turpentine and Blue Gum. This is one of the most loved sections of the Great North Walk, a long-distance walking trail that stretches from the Macquarie Place Obelisk in Sydney some 250 kilometers north to Newcastle. Meet at Hornsby for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 10.0km. Expected finish time is 10.35am.


07.  Saturday 29 October   Elouera Bushland Natural Park & Callicoma Circuit

Get your endorphins excited. Come along and join us for an energising Saturday Sunrise Fun & Fitness walk and give your health a good kick along for the year. You won’t get there if you are going to sit on the couch. Join us as the days are slowly getting longer. This walk passes through the Lakes of Cherrybrook. Walkers can enjoy the richness of this area with its tall forests and sandstone caves. Meet at Thornleigh for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 8.0km. Expected event finish time is 9.50am.

08.  Saturday 05 November   Sunrise: Beyond Gibberagong Waterhole

From the ridge tops to the historic Gibberagong Waterhole, this swimming spot, with its own beach, was once used by the locals to cool off during the hotter months of the year. The walk takes us through a diverse landscape from heath to rich forest communities and under grand sandstone cliffs. This walk includes a good workout as you climb back out of the valley. Meet at North Wahroonga for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 8.5km. Expected event finish time is 9.55am. 


09.  Saturday 12 November   SunrisePlus: The Murrua Circuit

Here is something out of the ordinary where we have managed to link up several tracks to form the Murrura Circuit. This walk takes in both the Cockle Creek and Cowan Creek valleys which are both picturesque and stunning. Many great photographs have been snapped in both of these scenic walk sections. Participants should expect a moderate to slightly challenging walk due to its distance with several minutes of easy off-track negotiations. Meet at Bobbin Head  for a 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 13km. Expected event finish time is 1115am. 

10.  Saturday 19 November   Sunrise: Pennant Hills Park Circuit                   

Get your endorphins excited. Come along and join us for an energising Saturday Sunrise Fun & Fitness walk. This is one of the more-easier walks as it has easy open trails for most of the distance. It sidles beside Devlins Creek for the first half of the walk then climbs back out on a central spur. Meet at Pennant Hills  for 7.30am departure. Distance is approximately 6.0km. Expected event finish time is 9.15am

Note: Our club charges a $10.00 event subscription/donation that is payable on the day of the event. 100% of all subscriptions received from the TrialMySunrise goes to our cancer research fundraising campaign. Our club's beneficiary is the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Doubling our Donation for Cancer Research:

By joining any of our TrialMySunrise events as a guest, our club will match your $10.00 subscription/donation making it a $20.00 donation to Australia Cancer Research Foundation. How good is that.... "You get to be fit and healthy while saving lives, it's a win, win situation for all"

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