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Code of Conduct

The Code...

A person accepts responsibility by becoming a member of THE CLUB. Membership should be seen as a privilege and all members have the responsibility of ensuring that our club retains its reputation of being the “friendly” OUTDOOR SPORT & RECREATION CLUB.

The underlying spirit of THE CLUB lies in the principle of being a “club” wherein the members are responsible for the Club’s existence, both financially and operationally. Hence, the club requires the voluntary input of its members in order to care for the facilities and to function smoothly.

The objective of THE CLUB’S Code of Conduct is to provide a standard code of behaviour for its members and to:

· Assist club members to understand the standards of conduct that are expected of them.

· Promote consistently high standards of behaviour across all activities within our club.

· Ensure the club fulfils its duty to be ethical, fair and honest to its members and obligations to its representatives and organisers.

· Build community trust in the club and enhance public opinion of OUTDOOR SPORT & RECREATION.

· Ensure the safety and welfare of its members.

· Ensure that THE CLUB is enjoyed by all members and guests.

The Code of conduct of THE CLUB is based on the following key categories:



THE CLUB seeks to operate in an open and friendly environment, where people show respect for each other, personal property and the club. Each member should be a positive “role model” and as such, members shall:

· Show respect and courtesy to all club representatives, organisers and members. They shall not tarnish the reputation of the club, representatives, organisers or bring the club into disrepute.

· Endeavour to operate in non-discriminatory manner and ensure each person has an equal

opportunity and give a “fair go”.

· Be mindful of their actions in relation to individual safety and safety of all others involved in the club.

· Abide by club rules, policies and terms.

· Comply with and adhere to reasonable directives and requests of Club representatives and organisers of the club events.

· Act responsibly at all times and accept responsibility for their actions. Each member should

understand the possible consequences of breaching THE CLUB’S rules, policies and terms and comply with and adhere to any penalty imposed by the Club.



All members are expected to demonstrate the following behaviour. They must:

· Treat all persons with respect and courtesy and have proper regard for the dignity, rights and worth of others.

· Respect the privacy and be ethical, fair and honest in all their dealings with other people.

· Comply with all applicable laws.

· Act in an outdoorsman like manner and operate within the rules and spirit and harmony of the club.

· Operate within the rules of the club and must not display rudeness, harassment or improper conduct towards other participants, club representatives or organisers.

· The use of mobile phones at club events should be discreet and consider others in

the vicinity.

· Smoking is prohibited at all club events.

THE CLUB will not tolerate:

· Offensive language or rudeness,

· Excessive use of alcohol under the Liquor Licensing Laws,

· Inappropriate display of temper, verbal abuse (eg abusive, intimidating and/or threatening

behaviour to members or guests),

· Any form of abuse, harassment, ridicule or threatening behaviour, whether physical, verbal or by

electronic form,

· Physical violence (eg. touching, pushing, fighting or that involving threat or use of a weapon),

· The use or encouragement of illegal drugs,

· Wilful destruction of property - either to others or the club,

· Any form of discrimination.


The Club Integrity & Privacy

It is the obligation of all club members to maintain the integrity and security of the THE CLUB’S confidential documents and information.

· No member shall represent the club in any dealings, unless authorised by the club.

· Members shall not expect preferential treatment, nor seek favours from the Club’s representatives or organisers.

· No members shall use their involvement in the THE CLUB to promote their own beliefs behaviours or practices where these are inconsistent with those of the club.



A member will take responsibility for their guests at all times.

· Guests must remain in the company of the member at all times whilst participating in club events.

· Members must ensure that their guests adhere to this Code of Conduct.



Any breaches to this Code of Conduct will not be tolerated at THE CLUB. Any member or guest who breaches this code may be asked to leave or be removed from the event or expelled from the club.

Any complaints in respect of a member’s behaviour shall be directed to a club representative. If a member is found to have breached the Club Code then they may be brought before a meeting of the club representatives to answer for their actions. Disciplinary actions may result.

This code is to be read in conjunction with the rules, terms and policies of the club.



Members are reminded that the purpose of this Code is to provide you and all other fellow members with an enjoyable and safe environment where we are able to enjoy the benefits of membership of THE CLUB

We trust that all members will read this carefully and help us to ensure that our club retains its reputation for being “One of the friendliest clubs in Australia”.

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