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Our Disclosure

Suitability & Fitness

Participation with a group may require some compromise to accommodate the different desires and abilities of the group. You will need to conduct yourself in a manner conducive to good group dynamics, and not in a manner that threatens or disrupts the safety and enjoyment of others on the walk. All participants must be in good health, have reasonable fitness and engage in some form of regular exercise. Most importantly you must have a love for the outdoors and a desire to accept new challenges.


Activity Level

Most of our activities are tailored to a moderate impact aerobic level and are destined to put some of that old fashion FUN & FITNESS back into your life. Our outdoor activities not only gets your endorphins excited, it too gives you a great workout. All events require unimpaired mobility skills and are graded hard unless otherwise indicated. Note: Participants may be required to participate at a moderate or brisk pace for extended periods.


Most Suited Ages

My Outdoor Recreational Group makes everyone most welcomed when attending their activities, whether you are young, or reaching or going through your mature years, these activities will move you towards fitness whilst giving you a sense of achievement.

Health Benefits

Outdoor activities such as bushwalking and kayaking gives you aerobic exercise, an effective way to improve endurance, unclog arteries, lower blood pressure, decrease the risk of heart disease and some cancers, and cut the risk of adult-onset diabetes. Outdoor activities are also a great escape from the urban lifestyle that we all become accustomed. Come along and join us and see what changes our FUN, FITNESS & ADVENTURE activities will do for you.


Acceptance of Risk

Part of the appeal of adventure, bushwalking and outdoor pursuits is that they sometimes operate in remote, harsh and unpredictable environments. They are by their nature more challenging and demanding than the things you are accustomed to at home or at work. You agree to accept the inherent risks and dangers associated with the activities you have chosen and the accompanying risk of injury, death or property loss or damage.


Risk Management

Outdoor pursuits have varying degrees of risk. Your decision to take part in our activities reflects your understanding and acceptance of those risks. We pride ourselves in having an unblemished safety record and will endeavour to minimise and manage the activities risks by having the correct balance between adventure and safety.  Prior to participating in any activity you must sign a risk warning and waiver, and disclose whether you have any health issues that may affect your ability to participate safely. Furthermore our organisation has a strict no alcohol policy while you are participating in our outdoor activities.


Inclement Weather

Usually the best time to see the bush is when we have just recently had a shower of rain. With the addition of filtered sunlight the bushland comes to life through a display of magnificent colours. Please note that most of our activities will still go ahead if light or misty rain is falling. However, we will cancel or postpone the activity if we feel that the balance between adventure and safety has been compromised. In the event of inclement weather please phone our club's mobile to check whether the activity will be started.

Equipment Requirements

Our sunrise and twilight walks which are quick sharp require only a small backpack for carrying water and a light weight spray jacket in case of wind-chill or rain. For our daywalks you will need to carry a little more equipment. Besides carrying a small daypack of approx 25/35ltr, you should include the following items. Sufficient food for the duration of activity - eg. 9km walk - include a few snacks or small meal, 12km walk - include a couple of snacks plus small meal, 15km walk - include several snacks plus lunch. You will also need to wear sturdy shoes with good grip, and have an extra layer of clothing to put on in case of a drop in temperature.  A hat, sunglasses and suncream for those sunny days, and a spray jacket or wet weather jacket for inclement weather. Long trousers or gaiters are a must when we go off-track. One thing you can't survive without is water! To keep yourself properly hydrated we would expect the average person to consume a minimum 100mls of water for each kilometer that will be walked and more during the warmer months of the year. Similarly, for our kayaking events you will need the same excluding the backpack and sturdy shoes. For paddle footwear we recommend that you wear aqua shoes. Clothing for all events should be made from a quick-dry, breathable moisture wicking fabric, preferably made from polyester, nylon or a synthetic base material. Cotton materials are not recommended for any of our events.


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