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Clean Up Australia

MyOrg's clean up Austraila Day is 365 days of the year, but who's counting. Next time you see a piece of litter in the natural environment - pick it up! You will be well rewarded, not to mention you will be passing the gift of a clean environment onto the next person that passes your way.

Why Can't You Keep Our Environment Clean

Bushwalkers are getting quite complacent with dropping their rubbish along their journey. We did a clean up of the Pindar track the other day. And, as we didn't have any gloves, much of the rubbish being toilet tissue, had to be left behind. But here is a small sample of the rubbish that we cleaned up while we were out enjoying this wonderful walk.

20180827_100721.Pindar Track.350x262.jpg

Environmental Destruction 

Garigal National Park is set to become the largest bike riding park in New South Wales.

We have now lost count of the number of illegal bike tracks that have been built in recent years. This year alone on average we have detected new tracks or tracks under construction every 4 to 8 weeks. At this present rate we will probably have more bike tracks than walking tracks within the next five years. See below for the latest bike track that is currently under construction in Garigal National Park.

It is interesting to note that the National Parks policy states; New cycling experiences may be developed on existing roads or trails, by constructing new tracks or by modifying existing tracks.

Does that mean it is open slather for anyone to build their own personal bike track? No, I don't think so!

National Parks is governed under the National Parks & Wildlife Act which clearly states that you may not harm, destroy, deface or damage an object or place, or move an object from the land on which it has been situated.

Click here for National Parks & Wildlife Act.

20180723_Garigal 1.400x300.jpg
20180723_Garigal 3.jpg
20180723_Garigal 2.400x300.jpg

Welcome to The Concrete Coast

Support for the Central Coast's 5 Lands Walk has caused irreparable damage to our native bushland.

The destruction is nothing short of criminal...

Land managers should be held accountable for the damage they cause when upgrading tracks. The track between Captain Cook Lookout and Winney Bay was a beautiful picturesque foot pad that ventured through a thriving coastal forest with areas of endangered species. This track was once a special section of our H2H series of walks and a path that coastal Aboriginal communities would have used when travelling between the Hawkesbury and the Hunter River regions.

Despite numerous requests from the public to stop the project before it was started, there was insistence by council for the stairs and walkways to be built, so that State Government funding wasn’t lost. The cliff top ‘nature walk’ along the Bulbararing cliffs is an absolute disgrace. Residents of the Central Coast and beyond should be concerned once again that little or no information was made public until it was too late. Now the destruction has occurred. When are land managers going to listen to those who love the bush and who love immersing themselves with nature. 

If we wanted to pound a treeless landscape we would go for a walk down the street or pound the pavement at the local mall.

The Central Coast Council should be ashamed at their Bushland Bastardry, not-to-mention the lack of respect for the tradition owners of this land. I am sure that the Aboriginal Elders would turn in their grave if they could see this environmental desecration.

Furthermore, the environmental damage that has occurred has not been carried out in a manner that is mindful of the surrounding littoral rainforest (Ecological Endangered Community), the protection of trees and sensitivity to mapped Aboriginal heritage items.

Track to Winney Bay 1.jpg
Track to Winney Bay 2.jpg
Winney Bay 003.jpg
Winney Bay 001.jpg
Winney Bay 002.jpg

And, who do we have to thank for the destruction of this special piece of paradise.... Member for Terrigal Mr Adam Crouch, NSW Premier, Ms Gladys Berejiklian and Central Coast Council. 

Ed's Comment: Did you know that this maze of concrete steps and paths on the lands of the Darkinjung people was built to attract more tourists to the coast for sake of the 5 Lands Walk. The NSW Government has given the Coast 4.6 million dollars for this project of destruction. 

5 Lands Damage.png

"That's our hard earned money they're using to bastardise nature and the land of the traditional owners. It is blatantly obvious that they have no respect for the Aboriginal people or their land".


From WWF-Australia


Koalas in New South Wales are losing their homes at a terrifying rate. Many are killed as the trees they live in are torn down. Others starve, catch deadly infections, or are run over or killed by dogs as they search for a new home. It’s heartbreaking.

In some areas, we’ve already seen population crashes of up to 80%.

Please, will you give today to help us ramp up the fight to save koalas in NSW?

It’s unthinkable that we could completely lose koala populations in NSW – but your donation will help save them. Here’s how:

1.By nursing injured koalas back to health, and hand-raising orphaned baby koalas.

2.By planting trees and restoring green corridors, so they have homes to return to.

3.By pressuring the NSW Government to protect koalas and their habitats for good.

While we’ve been celebrating progress in Queensland recently, the situation is looking increasingly bleak for their species further south. That’s why we urgently need your support as the battle to save our beloved koala changes focus to NSW. 


The NSW Government recently introduced reckless new laws that allow for huge increases of tree-clearing – meaning the bulldozers are free to destroy koala’s homes.

The government’s own experts have warned that these laws expose 99% of identified koala habitat on private land to tree-clearing, adding extinction pressures to the state’s almost 1,000 threatened species.

It’s crazy. And it’s why we need you, and as many people who care about nature as strongly as I do, to get involved. We’re already making progress in Queensland but the fight is only half won – please donate today and help protect koalas in NSW too.


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