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Merrell Gortex Hiking Shoes (Womens)  Size 7 US

Worn just a couple times, these womens ultralight hiking shoes will really get you moving. Gortex lined with Merrell's Ortholight aircushion inner soles. Simply name your price. All funds from the sale goes to Australian Cancer Research Foundation.


Dual Sleeve Paddle Bag (New)

This brand new paddle bag is made from heavy duty nylon and is fully padded to protect paddles. Comes with a secure velcro closure. The bag also has a see-thru identification window, handle and detachable shoulder strap for ease of carrying. Dimensions: 1320 x 250 x 165. Colour black. Sale Price: $35.00.

Bum Mats (New)

These are a great little item for bushwalking for keeping your bum clean, comfortable and dry while having your breaks. Made from closed cell foam, they roll or fold neatly into any size backpack. Approximate size: 43cm x 30cm. Sale Price: $2.00.

Greg's Walkers Wool (New)

Greg’s Walkers Wool has been produced from Merino sheep. These sheep are sought after for their coats, which are said to produce the finest softest wool available. The wool is often used in athletic garments, as it breaths and wicks better than most synthetic fabrics. This wool type does not retain odours - bacteria cannot find a solid surface to grow on, thus making it antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

Did you know, Walkers Wool is also sold under various brand names and can sell for as high as $2.50 per gram.

So what’s in a name! Good old fashion Aussie pricing of course.

Greg’s Walkers Wool - 10 gram pack: Sale Price: $10.00.

Backpacks (New)

We have a variety of small backpacks available. Pack sizes vary from 10ltr through to 20ltr which are suitable for twilight, sunrise and half day walks. Backpacks may vary from the illustration shown.

Price varies from $25.00 down to a Sale Price: $20.00.


Paddle Gloves (New)

Neoprene paddle gloves to keep your hands warm during the cooler months of the year. These gloves usually retail for $35.00 per pair. Sale Price: $25.00

Kool Tie (New)

Create your personal evaporation cooler! Soak in water to activate crystals. Releases moisture slowly and can be hydrated again and again. Available in assorted colours. Sale Price: $6.00

Sunglasses (New)

Protect you eyes while in the bush or on the water. Manufactured to AS/ANZ 1337 standard - 99.9% UV protection. Frame colour metallic orange with smoke tint lens. Sunglasses may vary from the illustration shown. Sale Price: $12.00.

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