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Walk4Charity 2018

Click here to see our 2017 event photo album

Great Southern Hemisphere Trek

On Sunday 7th October 2018, participants will trek around the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, cross headlands and pass through the many bushland reserves and parks. We aptly named this journey our Great Southern Hemisphere Trek. This path was once the land of the Aboriginal people prior to white settlement. It's easy to visualise the Eora living here as skilled fisher-hunter-gatherers in family groups. Not only 'have we taken on this journey in aid of cancer research, but also to celebrate the Aboriginal communities of Australia.

This year, our walk for charity will commence from a new location before heading to the west to finish at Greenwich Point. From there we will board our ferry for a short river cruise to Kissing Point Park where an afternoon barbecue awaits our hungry team of walkers.

Once again it is our quest to aid cancer research. For our 2018 event, we have set our bench mark goal at $5,000.

This year, we have added additional elements to this event to keep you entertained. Please watch our Walk4Charity website for additional information

On behalf of the Walk4Charity volunteers, we would like to ask if you can help by participating in this year's event or by simply making a donation.

Cancer... We have all been touched by someone who has suffered from this debilitating disease.

Please help us achieve our goal in raising much needed funds for this very important cause. Let's knock cancer on its head, join our next journey. Registrations are now available.


Did you know... In 2018 it was estimated that there will be 138,321 (74,644 males + 63,676 females) new cases diagnosed with an estimated 48,586 (27,552 males + 21,034 females) deaths caused by cancer. The chance of surviving at least 5 years from this debilitating disease is less than 68%.

It is estimated that the risk of an individual being diagnosed with cancer by their 85th birthday will be 1 in 2.

(Statistics provided by Cancer Australia).

Can't make it along for this year's event, don't worry, you can make a


2018 Event Sponsors

Crofty's Cafe, Grill & Takeaway (Mount Kuring-gai)    -   Turramurra Gourmet Meats (Turramurra)  -   

Bite Me Bakehouse (Mount Colah)   -   Wise Monkey Café (Berowra)

 Pie In The Sky (Cowan)

2018 Event Volunteers

Greg Williams, Carmel Healey, Robyn Earle, Mal Star, Jean Leow, Peter Hoogland, Tracy Hoogland.

2018 Support Donors

1. Greg Williams,  2. Carmel Healey,  3.Mal Star,  4. Jacqui Richardson,  5. Glenn Rigden,  6. Carolyn Purtle,  7. Peter Moulding,  8. Tony Boyd,  9. Karayna Johnston,  10. Allan & Janne Ramsay,  11. Leanne & John Hill,  12.Peng Peng Tan,  13. Jean Leow,  14 Vee Kee Chong,  15. Joyce Kouw,  16. Hedy Stahel, 17. Robyn Earle,  18. Kim Ryder,  19. Karen Jameyson,  20. Gregg Cambourn,  21. Cassie Vockler,

22. Margaret McCartney,  23. Peter Lamrock,  24. Anne Minogue,  25. Peter Hoogland,  26. Tracy Hoogland,  27. Mark Faul,  28. Jacko & Lalage Jackson,  29. Greg & Lisa Doutty,  30. Olyvia Wangsa, 

2018 Participants

1. Greg Williams,  2. Carmel Healey,  3. Kim Ryder,  4. Peng Peng Tan,  5. Jean Leow,  6. Joyce Kouw,  7. Kylie Hanks,  8. Robyn Earle,  9. Carmen Degabriele, 10. Joseph Degabriele,  11. Paul Sorrel,  12. Peter Hoogland,  13. Tracy Hoogland,  14. Kerrie Pacey,  15. Mal Star,  16. Brenda Harris,  17. Margaret McCartney,  18. Scott Stacey,  19. Zawiah Ibrahim,  20. Bruce Langley,  21. Elizabeth Gipps,  22. Mandy Zhang,  23. Rhonda Czeref,  24. Stephen Czeref,  25. Renee Lamshed,  26. Mark Faul,  27. Hui Zhu,  28. Charles McKinnon,  29. Priscilla Leong,  30. Lauren Maras,  31. Olyvia Wangsa,  32. Freenyan Liwang.

2017 Walk4Charity Reviews

Walk4Charity Reviews


Wow, it was great to see so many enthusiastic walkers who had generously given their time and money to aid cancer research along with an acknowledgement of the Aboriginal flag and this country's traditional custodians. Well done!

Jean L:

Thank you for organising such a wonderful and meaningful event today.  I can't imagine how much hard work has gone into it.  I feel so privileged to have joined you and the group of beautiful people on this walk.  My mum passed away from stomach cancer earlier in May this year. Cancer has touched the lives of so many people in so many ways, and anything that we do for cancer research will go a long way.  I am sure that one day we will be able to find a cure for this devastating and heartbreaking disease. I'd love to volunteer my help in any way possible, should you need support for future events. Thank you once again.

Peng T:

Greg and Carmel were the perfect hosts for their recent Walk4Charity Day event held on Sunday 8th October 2017. Meeting at the Kissing Point wharf was the perfect location as there was ample parking for all participants. The walk combined stretches of bushland offering great views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and its CBD skyline. With 22 points of interest shown to the participants, we also walked across Aboriginal and modern historical sites, which was an eye-opener for a Sydney-sider like me who, despite having lived here for 16 years, had not ventured the route before. In the spirit of the event, everyone came dressed in pink or wore attire with splashes of pink. The weather for the day held up even though clouds were grey, in parts. We all rewarded ourselves with a yummy sausage sizzle and drinks flowed bountifully, post-event. All in all, a really great day out ! So glad that Greg and Carmel exceeded their donation target too! Kudos to the organisers and all volunteers on the day.


Thanks Greg and Carmel for a wonderful event - Walk4Charity 2017.

In such beautiful surroundings we had the opportunity to reflect and pause for those who have or are currently courageously dealing with cancer on a daily basis. Collectively we can share experiences and give support to those who need some kindness.

Tracy H: 

The 2017 Walk4Charity walk was a really fun day out for all of us and a great way to raise money for a very worthy cause - cancer research. Cancer touches most of us in some way, so it was great to dress up in pink and walk for that someone we know. We caught ferries, chatted as we walked along the beautiful harbour shoreline, and enjoyed a well earned morning tea at Balls Head. Thanks to Mal, a sausage sizzle and drink was the perfect finish to the day.

Anne-Marie S:

A flush of pink brightened the dull Sydney Sunday as our enthusiastic 30 strong group met at Kissing Point Park for the ferry transfer to our Greenwich start point. The meandering trail wound its way through lovely remnant bushland, Naval and fuel facilities and fabulous rock outcrops with the magnificent Sydney Harbour views as backdrops. Our pink snail trail of walkers was able to enjoy the mild weather and comfortable pace, chatting and catching up with old walking friends and making new ones as well! We all enjoyed our morning cuppa and cake and were lucky to have Roger add his insight into much of the old shipping history. A relaxing scenic ferry trip back and BBQ under the trees with a beverage or two was the perfect end to a great day outdoors! Thank you for the company and laughs; all for a good cause!

Walk4Charity is proud to be able to donate 100% of the fundraising dollar

without deduction of any outgoing expenses.

Without our dedicated team of volunteers this would not be at all possible.


All funds raised from our Walk4Charity Campaign go to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation 

'With Your Help..... Cancer May One Day Be Beaten'

Join our fight against cancer!

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