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Great Southern Hemisphere Trek

Cancer... We have all been touched by someone who has suffered from this debilitating disease.

Please help us achieve our goal in raising funds for this very important cause.

Let's knock cancer on its head.

Did you know... In 2017 it is estimated that there will be an estimated 134,174 new cases diagnosed with an estimated 47,753 deaths caused by cancer. The chance of survival from this debilitating disease is less than 68%.

Statistics supplied by Cancer Australia

Participants List

Carmel Healey

Tracy Hoogland

Hadijah Munting

Allan Ramsay

Adriana Hincapie

Pierre Fonsny

Jean Leow

Robyn Earle

Bruce Langley

Susan Bell

Roger Macarthur

Joyce Kouw

Terrie Heath

Anne-Marie Seve

Greg Williams

Peter Hoogland

Dorian Munting

Janne Ramsay

Kylie Hanks

Mal Star

Claire Corman

Brenda Harris

Elizabeth Gipps

Peng Peng Tan

Carolyn Foster

Glenyss Carey

Michele Mawer

David Hogan

Event Volunteers

Greg Williams, Carmel Healey, Mal Star

Tracy Hoogland, Peter Hoogland,

Robyn Earle, Roger Macarthur

Event Sponsors

Wise Monkey Cafe  -  Bite Me Bakehouse

Hudson The Grocer  -  Crofty's Cafe, Grill & Takeaway

The Plant Bug Garden Centre  -  Pie In The Sky

Support Donors

Greg Williams, Carmel Healey, Cassie Vockler, Mal Star,

Peter Lamrock, Hedy Stahel, Elizabeth Gipps, Bruce Langley,

Peng Peng Tan, Dominic Herschel, Karen Jameyson, Susan Bell,

Yeen Ng, Kim Ryder, Joyce Kouw, Roger Macarthur, Glenyss Carey,

  Anne-Marie Seve, Karayna Johnson, Gregg Cambourn,

Tim Allen, Olyvia Wangsa, Paul Sorrel, Leanne Hill, Jean Leow,

 Robyn Earle, Trekfa Sunrise Team


'With Your Help..... Cancer May One Day Be Beaten'

Join our fight against cancer!

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