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MyCompanion   A personal service for the elderly, frail and community

Established 2017

My Service

I provide services for the elderly and frail such as companionship, small outings and excursions, trips to the shops or club, gardening, lawn mowing, dog walking/running and volunteers for not for profit Aged Care organisations.

My Provider

Your companion is Greg Williams from Hornsby. He has had a wealth of experience providing care to his own family as well as working with elderly clients living with dementia in the Aged Care Sector. Greg also has a life-long unblemished driving record, has had the required police background and working with children checks, NDIS and holds excellent references.

My Cost

I usually ask to receive between $35.00 and $55.00 an hour for my services. Furthermore, I do not ask for any upfront costs. All payments are agreed upon through consultation and are payable at completion of the agreed service. Payment is simply what you can afford. Generally, if you are single low income family or pensioner I would charge $35.00 an hour then up to $55.00 an hour for double income families or families who are reasonably well off. It's all about integrety, honesty and what you can afford.

Note: If you are not fully satisfied with my service I will happily forfeit 50% of the agreed cost of the service.

My Benefits

The benefits of my service, is that you will have the same friendly face visiting and not an array of people knocking on your door that you hardly know. My service started from providing and assisting a friend in need, a family member and survives today purely by the recommendations that my clients pass on to others.

My Contact

Please feel free to contact me or have a family member or friend do that for you. I can be contacted by phone or by e-mail. Please see below for details:

T: 0409 917 776

E: Contact Us

My References

References and checks are available upon request.

MyCompanion   A personal service for the elderly, frail and community

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