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We welcome you to trial a Sunrise Bushwalk with us.

Our early morning bushwalks which start at 7.30am are sure to get your endorphins excited and get you kinetically energised for the rest of the day. It's nature's drug that helps with health and well-being.


Simply come along, trial the walk, meet and greet our members then if you choose, join our members for morning tea afterwards.

If you enjoy the event you may choose to continue on, and if not, you may choose to move away.

The choice is entirely yours.... You are under no obligation!

Why It’s Never Too Late to Get Moving.... And, It Is Fun Too!

Research has found that walking speed is linked with heart health. In particular, middle-aged adults who walk at a slow pace were twice as likely to die from heart disease compared with their fast-walking peers. The research is clear, exercise can improve your heart health, even if you haven’t laced up your sneakers in years. If you have been thinking about starting a walk exercise program, there is no better time to begin than today.

Get Your Heart Health Back On Track Today.... Check Out Our Next Trial An Event Day:


Event 1. Saturday 06 April   Sunrise: Jerusalem Bay  Members Only
Get your endorphins excited or simply take a break down at the bay while the stormtroopers take on the next hill. Come along and join us for an energising or, not so energising sunrise walk to Jerusalem Bay or beyond. See extraordinary water views and rich rainforest corridors that sit in the valley below. Distance is approximately 7.2km for the Stormtroopers or 4.8km for those who wish to take some RR at the bay until the others come back. Expected event finish time is 9.40am.

Event 2. Saturday 13 April   Sunrise: Lyrebird Valley

Join us for this energising Sunrise walk through the wet, lush and beautiful Lyrebird Valley. The walk takes you to the Calna Creek Bridge which is situated near the confluence of Berowra Creek. From the high areas of arid bushland you will soon descend to reach fascinating sandstone caves, rainforests. babbling brooks and waterfalls. Distance is approximately 8.2km. Expected event finish time is 10.00am. 


Event 3. Saturday 20 April   Sunrise: Tokanue to The Warrimoo  ☕ BF  Members Only

From the plateau, you will meander along a couple of streets for a warm up before entering the St Ives Chase forest. The walk follows a number of trails and bushland tracks before venturing through a rabbit warren of footpads and paths as you draw closer to the end of this very delightful walk. Note: This event also includes a complimentary morning tea and bacon & egg roll. A confirmed booking is required prior to the preceding Friday of the event. Distance is approximately 7.0km. Expected finish time is 9.40am.


Event 4. Saturday 27 April   Sunrise: Crowley to Calna Bridge

Come along and join us as we make our way to the Calna Creek bridge via Sam’s Creek and the Berowra Waters Salt Marsh. On the return route we ascend our famous Heartbreak Hill for heart pumping exercise. Distance is approximately 8.6km. Expected event finish time is 9.50am.

Event 5. Saturday 04 May   Sunrise - Galston Trail via Clarinda Falls  

Another walk with a heartbreak hill in the middle of it! You will certainly find your endorphins on this walk. The route takes in the southern section of the Galston Trail via Clarinda Falls. Distance approximately 6km. Expected event finish time is 9.00am.

Event 6. Saturday 11 May   Sunrise Plus: Magical Mystery Tour   MT 🕗  Members Only

We’re coming to take you away. Now, who’s idea was it for this one? - was it one of those Beatle boys. This walk has it all, from rich lush forests to cascading brooks after rain, to a waterfall and the tunnel of love, (only if I could be young again)! This magical mystery tour has an atmosphere like no other. Journey through an historic cemetery, sidle through the valleys under an ever-changing canopy of beautiful forest and be mesmerised by the stunning views as you look out over…. Distance is a mystery too. Expected event finish time (returning to Hornsby) is approximately 11.20am.

To trial an event, simply fill in the form below ensuring that you include 'Trial My Sunrise' in the subject field then nominate an event and let us do the rest.

Note: All bushwalks are graded moderate to hard unless otherwise indicated. Furthermore, a $10.00 subscription is payable when trialling an event. This subscription assists our club to offset insurance and administration costs while helping to provide funds for the various charities it supports. 

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