Last Updated 20th April 2018

Welcome to
MyOrg's Biennale of Sydney Sunrise

Saturday 19th May 2018
A journey through the eyes of artists with imagination....

About this Event: Join us for this very special Sunrise on Cockatoo Island as we discover the 21st Biennale of Sydney and some of the island's history and heritage.

Please note: This event is not a professional tour. With the short amount of time that we have, our Sunrise simply gives you a snapshot of the 20 artists of Superposition Biennale and a glimpse into the history of Cockatoo Island.

Destination: Cockatoo Island.

Start the Day: Meet at Kissing Point Wharf for a 8.16am departure. Arrives at island at 8.43am.

Arrival at Island: Our day starts with an open air morning tea overlooking the city and harbour bridge.

Morning Tea: Morning tea is at members cost.

Start the Journey: The journey takes you around, underground and over the top of the island to see the 21st Biennale art exhibitions and some of the island's historical photographs and machinery that now lie dormant from a bygone era.

Amenities: Food outlets, toilets, water.

Finish the Journey: With all going well, we expect to have the event wrapped up by 12.20pm for a 12.28pm departure from the island arriving back at Kissing Point Wharf at 12.55pm. However, members will be able to leave earlier if they wish. See below for ferry departure times.

What to Bring: As usual, a small backpack, water and snacks for the duration of the event. Opal card plus money for morning tea/purchase food etc.

Leave or Stay: After the event you may wish to stay on to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, see more of the exhibitions or maybe stay on for lunch. Ferries depart the island every half hour at 28mins and 58mins past the hour.

Event Availability: Gold/Silver Members Only.

Event Cost: Complimentary.

Bookings: Bookings are essential for this event. See booking link below.

Further Reading: Go here to read more about the 21st Biennale of Sydney.